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Step 1

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What will you get with your Thrift result?

Gumtree, Amazon and eBay logos. Thrift works with all major online marketplaces. The ultimate marketplace comparison tool.

We will tell you which marketplaces will bring you the most profit for each item

Pie chart. Breakdown of fees, costs and profit potential on all marketplaces. Compare online marketplaces.

Give you a break down of fees, appropriate postage costs and net profit for each marketplace

Pound signs. Get insights into competitor products.

Show you competitors pricing so you can price your item fairly

Fist pump icon. Indication for demand across all marketplaces

Give you an indication of demand for each marketplace, to give you some confidence as to whether the item has been selling on each marketplace or not in the last 30 days

Document icon. Ready to use product descriptions. Quickly and simply sell your item online.

A ready to use Product Description (not available for craft / handmade items)