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During the development of the THRIFT prototype, Gemma (Demelza Retail & Ecommerce manager) joined our initial group of test users.

The problem faced by Demelza and it’s 26 stores, like many other Charity Retailers, is that they have huge volumes of random items being donated. Establishing a fair and objective price for these items can take anywhere from 1 minutes to 25 minutes – they wanted a tool which made it faster and less stressful pricing so many items.

Here’s what Gemma has to say about THRIFT:

“A huge amount of items coming to us were not researched for value, or not researched against sold listings, meaning that our reject rate was very high. This can be demoralising for people sending us stock, so an easy-to-use app that can be used at the initial first point of stock sourcing was vital to us.
THRIFT has been very user friendly – we’ve been able to give a 3 minute tutorial to teams and volunteers of varying skill sets, and have positive results in usability.
The accuracy is good; when compared with manual platform searches and terapeak information, the averages coming back from THRIFT were consistent with what we were finding.
Having a user friendly app that can be utilised at the point of stock sourcing could be a gamechanger. It would help limit the unnecessary movement of stock that isn’t always appropriate for online selling, and will help engage and teach shop teams on the kind of items they should be looking out for.” – (Demelza Retail & Ecommerce manager)

If you’d like to learn more about how THRIFT can be used at your organisation please get in touch.