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What marketplaces does THRIFT have access to?

Currently we can review any item across eBay, Depop and Facebook Marketplace. Ultimately, we aim to offer all marketplaces.

Is Thrift just for use on mobile devices?

No we have 3 products that work directly in the browser so can be used on mobile, tablet, laptop or desktop computers:

  1. Thrift Mobile: can be used on any mobile device and even desktop pc’s. Perfect for store staff or individuals. (available now)
  2. Thrift Bulk: Upload an excel file of 100’s or 1000’s of items, ideal for larger organisations in warehouse type environments.
  3. Thrift API: simply show our pricing to your customers without them knowing it’s us! (in BETA – coming Spring 2022)
Can’t I just use eBay, Terapeak or Facebook to look this up?

Sure, but using Thrift will save you lots of time, money and headache versus doing this.
Our search system is superior, as it’s built specifically to deliver fast, accurate pricing recommendations for resale items. In fact, we ran tests with some experienced price researchers from the Charity Retail sector and Thrift allowed them to be 175% faster and up to 30% more accurate on price. Imagine the improvement for those that don’t price items day-in day-out!

What is the Thrift ‘suggested selling price’ made up of?

Simply, it’s the fairest price for both seller and buyer. Our system is pretty clever, without giving all of our secrets away, here are some key things it takes into consideration when recommending a selling price:

  1. Thrift scans and analyses over 50 data points on each item to ensure match accuracy against your resale item.
  2. Thrift reviews more listings from each marketplace than they actually show to any individual users.
  3. Thrift always prioritises actual sold data, rather than listing price.
  4. Thrift identifies if there are no relevant ‘sold’ listings, collects ‘active’ listings but will adjust the pricing for balance.
  5. Thrift does not consider active ‘bid’ or ‘best offer accepted’ listings.
  6. Thrift pricing is based on only U.K listings, no inflated postage.
  7. Thrift kicks out those annoying £1, £123 etc pricing scams sellers use.
  8. Thrift knows when a seller is encouraging buyers to barter their inflated listed price down.
  9. Thrift recognises when listings take longer to sell than is expected, and therefore lowers the price to reflect.
  10. Thrift deducts any marketplace, payment, courier fees to show you the potential net profit at our ‘Suggested Price’.
Is Thrift only suitable for second hand items, or does it work for new / unused items too?

It works for new / unused items also.

Is there any training required for store staff to use Thrift?

We get tons of feedback on how quick and easy to use Thrift is, for even the biggest technophobes!

“Thrift has been very user friendly – we’ve been able to give a 3 minute tutorial to teams and volunteers of varying skill sets, and have positive results in usability” – Gemma Cruttenen, Demelza

We have a user guide that can be shared with staff and any other users, and we’re always on hand to answer any support questions if ever needed.

I am keen to adopt Thrift into our organisation, what’s involved?

It’s really simple and straightforward – If you want, you can be set-up and use the product in minutes. Just contact us and we’ll ask you a few questions about your organisation and requirements, and send you information to access and start using Thrift.

We give all new users 30x free searches to allow you to understand the value and how it works before committing to any paid usage plans. We work with organisations big and small, so would welcome a discussion to recommend the best product and pricing option for your needs.

If you have any questions that aren’t answered here, or if you require any additional information please don’t hesitate to contact us.

If you’d like to learn more about how THRIFT can be used at your organisation please get in touch.