Products & pricing plans

We work with organisations big and small to help them improve their online resale process. We are currently working with:

Charity retailers

Independent second hand sellers

Retail software & EPOS suppliers

Auction houses & stock liquidators

We do this through our three core products:

THRIFT Simple to use, on mobile, desktop or tablets. Ideal for charity retail staff, small retail businesses and independent resellers.

THRIFT BULK Upload 1000s of item titles at once and have THRIFT price them all in 20-40 minutes. Perfect for warehouse spaces.
THRIFT API (In BETA – due Spring 2022) a white label service, giving you the ability to show customers pricing for non-barcoded items. Simply show our pricing to your customers, under your own branding, without them knowing it’s us.


We provide different pricing options to best fit your business needs. We give all new users 30x free searches to allow you to understand the value and how it works before committing to any paid usage plans.

Use now, pay later

Best for flexibility

Pay monthly only for what you use.

No more, no less, no contract.

27p per search

Subscribe & save

Best value for consistent resellers

Pay a monthly fee for cheaper search prices.

Tiered pricing dependent on expected usage.

From £6 per month, then subsequently 19p per search

Tailored plan

Best for larger organisations

Pricing 5000+ items per month?

Let us build a plan that works for you.

If you’d like to learn more about how THRIFT can be used at your organisation please get in touch.